The IrFUW Council is the governing body of the IrFUW and is made up of the IrFUW President, her Vice President Secretary, Treasurer, the Correspondent for International Relations (CIR) and the Correspondent for European Relations (CER) . These Officials are elected at the Triennial General Meeting (TGM) and are nominated from the Associations on a rota basis which ensures that all Officers represent the interests of the wide range of Federation members. The University Associations President and Secretaries are also voting members of Council. Larger Associations may qualify for another voting delegate by virtue of the numbers in their membership.

The Council serves as the executive body of the Triennial General Meeting (TGM) and has the special duty of ensuring that the purpose and principles of the IrFUW are duly observed. The Council has the power between Triennial General Meetings to take all decisions necessary to the activities of the IrFUW.  All such decisions are shall be reported to the TGM.  The Council meets a minimum of three times per year.

At the Council meetings , which are open to all members of the IrFUW, reports are received from the Associations and from representatives of the other IrFUW activities such as the Public Speaking Competition, Advocacy, European and International developments and Communication such as the Newsletter and the Web. The Officers are responsible for ensuring that the decisions of Council are carried out. The minutes of the Council meetings are available to all members and are posted in the Members section of the Web.

Current Officers of IrFUW may be contacted through

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IFUW Council Officers 2016-2019

President: Mary C Morrissey (TWG)

Vice President: Margaret Watchorn (UCDWGA)

Past President: Marion Gibson ( from QWGA)

Secretary : Kristina Odlum  ( TWG)

Linked Members Liaison:Vacant

Treasurer: Grainne Keane (UCDWGA)

C.E.R.: Maire O’Connell (UCG)

C.I.R.: Angela Kelly (QWGA)

Public Speaking Competition: Annette Durkan (UCD)

Newsletter: Martina Mulrine (TWG)

Webmaster: Heather Elliott ( Linked Member)

National Women’s Council of Ireland: Nuala Ryan (UCDWGA)

Womens Forum (N.I):  Paddy Skates (QWGA)


Queens Women Graduates

President:  Deirdre McCauley

Vice President:

Secretary: Carolyn Foster

Treasurer: Paddy Skates

Public Speaking: Anne Hunter

C.I.R: Naomi Patrick

C.E.R.: Angela Kelly

Trinity Women’s Graduates 

President: Grace O’Malley

Vice President:


Treasurer: Aofie Murphy

Public Speaking: Madeline Nesbitt

Membership Secretary: Margaret Roche

CIR/CER: Martina Mulrine

University College Dublin Women Graduates Association       

President: France Patton

Vice President:

Secretary: Colette Grant

Treasurer: Anita Begley

Public Speaking: Annette Durkan


University College Galway Women Graduates Association

President: Marie Flatley

Vice President:

Secretary: Jean Corbett

Assistant Secretary: Marie Mohan

Treasurer: Ann Glynn

Public Speaking: Margaret O’Dwyer

C.I.R./C.E.R.: Maire O’Connell