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The IrFUW welcomes all university women graduates or women graduates of any other institution of equivalent academic standing, provided that the academic qualifications of such institutions are accepted by the Council of the International Federation of University Women.


In Ireland there are Associations currently established within four Universities:

  • Queen’s University Belfast – Queen’s Graduate Association (Queen’s Women Graduates)
  • University College Dublin – University College Dublin Women Graduates’ Association
  • The University of Dublin – Trinity Women Graduates
  • National University of Ireland, Galway – Galway University Women Graduates’ Association

Application to join any of the above Associations can be made:

Click here for Queens

Click here for Galway

Click here for Trinity

For UCD email Collette Grant :

Membership Fees: Please note that each Association has its own set of fees please Contact Us for further information

A further method of joining the IrFUW is to become a Linked Member.

Linked Membership of Irish Federation of University Women (IrFUW)

Aim of Linked Membership

This form of Membership within the Irish Federation is open to Women Graduates who support the vision of the International Federation of University Women and who wish to be linked to the work of the Irish Federation in its efforts to achieve these aims locally, nationally, regionally and internationally. Linked membership can be used to link graduates to other international Federations should their studies take them outside Ireland to further their education or research. The reverse of this process can also be available to those studying throughout Ireland and through this link they can be offered support and friendship through the members of existing Associations.

How to become a Linked Member

Those seeking membership in this category must contact the President or Secretary of the IrFUW or their nearest Association.

Linked Members must be made aware of and be supportive of the Aims and Objectives of the Federation.

Linked Members will pay the same fee as other Members of the IrFUW; consideration may be given to a reduced fee for full time postgraduate students. This category may also be utilised by senior members who are no longer able to attend Association meetings on a regular basis or where an Association has ceased to function.

Linked Members will receive information on the activities of the Federation on a regular basis and will be welcome to attend any meeting or Conference of the existing Associations throughout Ireland. Where there are costs associated with such activities these will be an additional charge to be paid directly to the event organisers. The administration of the network of Linked Members will be through the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the IrFUW. A report of the activities associated with Linked Members will be made at all Council Meetings and a Co-ordinator may be appointed in the future if necessary.

Linked Members will not be voting members at Council but they are welcome to attend Council Meetings, as is any other Member, and their views will be sought and encouraged in the newsletters, emails, etc. which they will receive.

Application Form for Linked Membership