Queen’s Women Graduates

This organisation is open to all women graduates of Queen’s University Belfast and to women graduates of other recognised universities who live in Northern Ireland. It offers a programme of talks and social events, including lunch-discussions and an annual dinner, and through an automatic membership of the Irish Federation of University Women, access to the Federation’s newsletters, conferences and workshops throughout Ireland. Members are also encouraged to participate in the conferences and other activities of University Women of Europe and the International Federation of University Women. Both these bodies have important representational rights in respect of women’s educational and social positions worldwide. QWG is itself actively represented on Women’s Forum Northern Ireland. We participate fully in an all-Ireland public speaking competition for girls and maintain a scholarship fund for women undergraduates over 25 years of age.

Membership is through the Queen’s Graduate Association and includes membership of that body.

Membership Application

Additional perks give members hundreds of discounts in high street shops, hotels, days out and in restaurants in Northern Ireland and beyond. (see more about perks)