Vision & Mission

The vision for the IrFUW is to make our international aim of ‘Education for All’ a reality in our world.

Our members recognise how the education they received has shaped and enhanced  their lives. They believe that all girls and women should have the opportunity to reach their full potential through access to quality education

Education gives women the ability and right to make choices about their own lives

In the 21st Century women should have the right to and expect equality in all relationships.

We believe in the old saying: ‘Educate a woman and you educate a family’



The mission of the IrFUW is to make and instigate changes in our Federation to achieve our aim locally, nationally and internationally:-

  • To raise the visibility of our Federation to all women involved in third level education in Ireland in the pre and post Graduate stages of their academic journey.
  • To speak out and lobby for Human rights which impact on women
  • To support Women graduates through friendship and social events in order to stay associated with academic life and remain aware of the challenges facing current undergraduates.
  • To support ‘soon to be Graduates’ and new Graduates entering professions by mentoring, information seminars , friendship and financial support through Bursaries where applicable.
  • To provide supportive links through our international network to women Graduates going overseas for employment or further education.
  • To provide support through our network to overseas students and Graduates studying in Ireland when requested.